"Why don't you turn your own shit off?"

Nerv, (formerly Evaporate[1],) is one of the main characters of Evaporate. He is interested in comedy, and is best friends with Necky.

Appearance Edit

Nerv appears to be a gray/grey cat with a bulb on the top of his head and a large, usually straight, tail. Nerv apparently has the ability to stretch certain body parts.[2]

Personality Edit

Nerv is almost always arguing with Necky, and he is usually very sarcastic, although sometimes what he says doesn't make sense. He seems to be the more creative of the two, creating fan films and dances. He also seems to be the ruder of the two, and less of a logical thinker. Nerv attempts to make get-rich-quick schemes in some episodes.

Nerv seems to hate Pokémon for an unexplained reason.

Quotes Edit

  • "Why don't you turn your own shit off?" Day 18
  • "There is no Pepsiland!" Day 2
  • "I gotta check the website!" Day 2
  • "This room's pretty sweet! They even got Chicken Little 5!" Day 20
  • "The film you have just watched was in no way affiliated with Nintendo. However, it was entirely for profit. Thanks for your money!" Day 9
  • "If the service here ain't a hundred percent excellent, then you can stuff me up and call me Jimmy!" Day 20'
  • "I challenge you to a dance-off!" Day 22

Trivia Edit

  • Nerv is a great dancer, as revealed in Day 22, where he beats Blue Bastard in a dance-off. The dancing .gif was revealed before Episode 10 premiered, on Jacob Lenard's Twitter.[2]
  • In Day 18, it is revealed that Nerv is a fan of Gay Pac-Man, although in Day 10, Nerv says that he hates Gay Pac-Man.
  • The name "Evaporate" was changed to "Nerv" in Evaporate 4.
  • Nerv can meow like a normal cat, as seen in Day 22.
  • In Dav 27, Nerv oddly has the skeleton of a human.

References Edit

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