"I don't like this!"

Necky, (formerly Necklinne,[1]) is a main character in Evaporate. They seem to act more childish than their friend and other main character, Nerv.

Appearance Edit

Necky appears to be a human female wearing a blue cap. Her shirt has blue and red stripes, her shoes are red, and her red hair is coming out of the sides of their cap.

Personality Edit

Necky is usually more calm and collected than Nerv, but they seem to lose their temper quickly. She seems to have trouble coming up with good insults, and frequently kicks people when she's mad.

Unlike Nerv, Necky doesn't seem to dislike Pokémon.

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Trivia Edit

  • Necky is the first character in the series not to be voiced by Jacob Lenard.
  • In Necky's first appearance, she speaks differently, sounding more like the character Dora from the kids' show Dora the Explorer.
  • Necky is usually drawn in a hunched pose, but she has been seen standing up normally in some episodes.

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